Here’s the thing. Theater is a local experience. When you choose to enter a theater, a rehearsal room—or heck, any room—with an audience, with actors, or designers, with best friends or total strangers, you create a new community where, for that brief span of time, everyone is a local.

It’s true. Local is made up of the finest actors and directors and designers and
audience members from Boulder, CO—as well as all over the country. But when we create together, we’re local.


At Local, artists and audiences collide.

Artists play an important role in provoking conversations and spurring action.
So, too, does our audience. And it's kinda awesome.



Rooted in Boulder, CO.
And America.

All good stories start somewhere.

Ours is rooted in Boulder, CO, and America.

For us, this idea really took shape in 2011 with Boulder resident and Founding Artistic Director Pesha Rudnick. While walking with her then-toddler-aged son at Chautauqua Park, she struck up a conversation with a couple of lunching Chautauqua Association staff members, and learned that theater had been dormant at Chautauqua for over 40 years.