Local Theater Company is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Proceeds for ticket sales cover just a fraction of what it takes to discover, develop and produce new American plays.

We tell stories, create new work, provoke conversations and push the limits of what theater can really be. In fact, we've been doing that our entire lives.

Every experience we’ve had, whether putting on shows when we were kids or writing scripts for feature films or directing some of the American theater’s most relevant new works, has gotten us to what today is Local Theater Company.

In recent years, as we have worked with more playwrights to bring their new plays to life, as we have produced world premiere productions that have gone on to critical-acclaim in New York City, and as we have piloted literacy initiatives of which there just aren’t enough of in our schools, we have come to appreciate and understand how important a solid organizational foundation is today—and will be in the future—for our work.

And for Boulder, CO.

And for the American theater.

The of-the-moment stories we present at Local Theater Company in Boulder, Colorado, are made possible by the support of generous people and organizations in our community.

What we can do with your support.

In the years ahead, we have three goals. Just three. But they will mean everything to the long-term growth of Local Theater Company.

  • Strengthen Local Theater Company’s capacity to not just sustain—but grow—a vibrant, nationally-respected regional theater in Boulder, CO, where playwrights and actors and audience collide to tell timely, contemporary stories that further the national conversation about relevant topics we tackle as a country today.

  • Infuse Local Theater Company’s resources with funding that gives playwrights, directors and actors the freedom and space to develop new works. This means paying writers, actors, directors and designers a fair and equitable wage for their work, offering more opportunities for collaborations with our Boulder, CO, audiences, and intentionally elevate our local community’s reputation in the American theater.

  • Make Boulder, CO, a recognized leader in the country for meaningful literacy programs that infuse the arts with reading and directly contribute to student success.