We've said it before, and we will say it again: Whenever a group of people come together in a room, no matter for how long, in that moment they are all Local. 

We believe that learning doesn't need to just happen in a classroom setting. It can also happen in the home of a donor, at a favorite tavern in the center of town, or in the lobby of our theater space.

During various times throughout the year, particularly during a world premiere production or our Local Lab, we hold Local Theater Company Literary Salons, intimate gatherings intended to spark conversation and innovative thinking on topics such as Aristotle's "rules" of drama, the craft of stage directions, intellectual property, and the human need for story.

Our Local Literary Salons are primarily held in Boulder, CO, but we've been known to present them as far as Los Angeles and New York City. The Salons offer public platforms for deeper conversations between artists and audiences on important social topics.

The Local Literary Salons are compelling and entertaining, about 90-minutes long, and oftentimes include a glass of wine or two as well while we're learning, sharing, conversing and writing.

To consider offering a Local Literary Salon in your home, please contact Alison Palmer Bourke at alison@localtheaterco.org.