What we've learned

As we enter the final week of the world premiere of Mia McCullough's "breathtaking" Wisdom From Everything, we asked our cast to share with us what they've learned during the run of this show while, oceans away, Syrian refugees every single day are asking themselves what they would sacrifice to escape their current circumstance. Scroll through the photos to read what they had to say. 

Special thanks to Photographer George Lange for capturing these stunning portraits of our cast. 

I’ve taken from this play the perspective that war always contradicts our notions of how far we’ve come.
— Yusef Lambert
Doing or seeing this play is just the tip of the iceberg. If you feel something when watching, please use that emotional energy towards aiding organizations that devote their time to helping people in refugee camps.
— Naseem Etemad
Too often we are given exploitative and horrific images of Syrian refugees in order for the West to humanize them. This play  gives a voice to stories of Syrians, but I have learned that we should not have to use a work of fiction to uncover the complexities of refugees. We should already be supporting their real narratives.
— Ayla Sullivan
I’ve learned about the transformative power of standing your ground, and the heartbreaking reality of our American privilege.
— Mehry Eslaminia
I’ve been questioning the nature of a choice. What proxy wisdom am I operating under?
— Kunal Prasad
Za’atari Refugee Camp
Population: 83,000
Area: 2 square miles
Density: 62,710 people per square mile

Boulder, CO
Population: 108,000
Area: 25 square miles
Density: 4,352 people per square mile
— Amy J. Carle