Meet Lue

We are just a few days away from Local Lab 2017, and this morning we are excited to introduce you to our totally fabulous facilitator for the three audience conversations after our play readings. Meet Lue Morgan Douthit, director of Play On! at Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Lue has been part of 24 seasons at OSF, as a production dramaturg for more than 40 productions, including 14 world premieres (Head Over Heels; A Wrinkle in Time; Family Album; The Unfortunates; The Tenth Muse; WillFul; Throne of Blood; Equivocation; Don Quixote; Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter; Tracy’s Tiger; By the Waters of Babylon; Continental Divide and The Magic Fire) and more than a dozen Shakespeares productions.

With Libby Appel, she co-adapted a six-actor Macbeth and a seven-actor Measure for Measure, both produced at OSF and elsewhere

As Director of Play On!, she is currently overseeing the commission and development of 41 projects, 39 of which are translations of Shakespeare’s plays into contemporary modern English (including our Local Lab presentation of The Merchant of Venice). The remaining twoadaptations are Titus Andronicus (for a deaf, heard of hearing and hearing audience) and Q Gents, a hip-hop version of Two Gentlemen of Verona by the Q Brothers, a hip-hop artist duo from Chicago.

As literary director at OSF, she oversaw a comprehensive freelance production dramaturg program and worked with Artistic Director Bill Rauch to commission new plays and musicals as well as translations and adaptations. She also works closely with the artistic director and director of literary development and dramaturgy on season selection.

Lue holds a PhD from the University of Washington, an MFA from Trinity University, an MA from the University of Arizona, and a bachelor's from Connecticut College. She was recognized in 1999 by with the Literary Manager and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA) Prize in Dramaturgy: The Elliott Hayes Award.