Donations from corporations, businesses, foundations and government agencies give Local Theater Company major support for the development of new plays, our literacy programs, and more.

When you give at the corporate and foundation level, we can offer special benefits such as premium seats for our productions, tickets to opening night parties, public recognition, and much more.

Corporate support.

Corporate giving is a wonderful, meaningful way to support the arts in Boulder, CO, and receive benefits that enhance your relationship with clients and employees. To learn more about benefits for corporate giving, contact Megan Mathews at

Trade partnerships.

From florists to vino, hotels and restaurants to gym memberships, partners who participate in a trade for services help us to provide the very best experience for our actors and artistic team, management, and Patrons. In exchange for goods and/or services integral to our work, we offer an array of unique, program specific marketing and on-site promotional opportunities to market and highlight your business, as well as tickets to our shows and festivals.

To learn more about benefits for trades, contact Megan Mathews at